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Every time you move forward you will inevitably feel like a 1st grader

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

(First published at Serenity.Guide)

Every time you move forward you will inevitably feel like a 1st grader.

In relationship – you’ve completed lessons (of care, compassion, boundaries, respect..) through situations with various people. The next situation you face with a new person in your life, in a professional or personal setting, they are likely to bring a bigger and complex challenge you haven’t mastered the work with.

The only difference between life journey and formal school is that the number of grades/levels we complete depends on our choice solely.

There is no diploma. The ultimate appreciation comes only from us and how long we have been content with our own progress.

Moving forward professionally is often associated with an accentuation of the imposter syndrome. If you are a conscious and mature person, it is natural to feel uncertainty and doubt temporally.

Moving toward a healthier and more mindful lifestyle if you haven’t done this before – requires the same – accepting that you don’t know everything, but you are ready for it, and surround yourself with competent people who won’t judge you. Those who judge – either not competent in the subject or are scared of change themselves, often – both.

Where to start when facing unsettling “1st grader / imposter / never done before” feeling?

One of practical exercises: think of and write down all challenges and changes that you have experienced in life that had positive consequence on you.

If you have gone so far in your life, wherever you are reading this text or listening to an audio recording, there are many changes you navigated successfully, and your mind, conscious mind needs to be reminded of them to feel at ease with the new situation you are advancing toward personally or professionally.


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