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a perfect cover letter

7 essential principles

Cover letter explained:

  • The cover letter is about story-telling

  • The cover letter must not be the recitation of your resume

  • Technical skills / certifications / accreditations listed in resume can be used in cover letter only when it is appropriate

  • 3-4 crisp paragraphs

  • Start with a strong statement about yourself, about your alignment with the company, its values or vision

  • The next two paragraphs (paragraph #2 and #3) is about specific qualities and aptitudes that matter for this specific organization and position with a proof of why you are the right candidate with relevant qualities, explain how you have developed and demonstrated those aptitudes in your previous experiences

  • Last paragraph is the closure, is the expression of your interest of being of value to the organization, its team and business prospects

Important: each cover letter just as your resume shall be tailored for each job opportunity - there shall be no doubt for recruiter or hiring manager that it is a generic document you have sent out to dozens of organizations.


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