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to avoid conflict - be aware of definitions in use

Strive to speak substance, be clear of definitions in use.

Often, we get unpleasant and confusing interactions with business associates, clients, and general public - because we operate using different definitions of things and concepts.

Such negative experiences could occur due to:

  • participants' genuine ignorance

  • participants' intellectual laziness

  • participants' conformity with what's trendy within market discourse, protection of "belonging to"

To my team I always remind to abstain from using terms that they can't provide definition to. Working within international business environment I tend to embed "definition section" within each presentation, workshop, or training, to ensure we have shared grounds to move forward.

In your next meeting - ask yourself - is my audience (clients, team members, business partners) having the same understanding of the terms we reference to?

An excellent piece of advice by Dr. Peterson on how to become more articulate.

Reminder - be role model for yourself first before you judge your subordinates and partners.

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