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About systems

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The outlook of the economy and society? Could be described as "the nature of system processes vs humanism". The latter we as a civilization have cultivated since the Renaissance, and maybe a bit earlier and not in a linear manner. A few things to keep in mind about systems. Whether we like or dislike them - irrelevant, just like the weather on a given day - given.

1. The quality of the system is defined by its weakest element.

2. The strengths of the system is defined by connectivity and value transmitted through the connections.

3. Mixing strongest and weakest elements result in a mediocre system.

4. There is no humanism in the very theory or practice of system processes.

5. And yet it is our humanity and a shared value of human dignity, the value of life that can be the bifurcation points of at least some elements of the system.

The word "system" can be replaced by the word "company", "team". Use interchangeably.

Be strong, be smart, be human.


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