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Expert in human and corporate transformation

A business management executive and coach, investor and philanthropist, Natalia Sycheva synonymously known for her innovative take on business solutions design, and her impeccable track record in conceptualizing products and services for large multinational corporations, legacy organizations, and up and coming startups.

Recognized as the Woman of the Year in the category “Enabling Startup Ecosystem” by Entrepreneur Middle East magazine in 2019, Natalia has been playing a leading role in shaping attraction and expansion agenda for tech companies by Dubai Chambers. 


A Fulbright Fellow, holding two Master’s degrees in International Finance and World History, Natalia is the author of a growing number of publications in the area of future of Digital economy, corporate performance management, leadership and execution.


Head of Strategy

Dubai Chambers (UAE, Since 2021 - now)

  • Overseeing development of corporate strategy of Dubai Chamber post organizational restructuring, including formation of the new units, international expansion of DCs business in 50 markets, realignment of 60+ business associations

  • Managing programs focused on designing and testing new customer services in local and international markets using experimentation and data analytics

  • Authored and developed Chamber Model Innovation assets for World Chamber Federation - a guiding document and capacity building program for 12,000 Chambers to reinvent their business model and customer experience

Head of Entrepreneurship

Dubai Chamber of Commerce (UAE, June 2017 - November 2021)

  • Established a fast growing new customer base for Dubai Chamber through Dubai Startup Hub (today known as Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy), reaching 17,000 entrepreneurs within 4 years 

  • Annually managed portfolio of 10 core services for technology companies, with annual customer pool exceeding 1,000 tech ventures

  • Delivered 12 programs in the field of corporate innovation through startup venturing across sectors: retail, ecommerce, oil&gas, banking, consumer goods

  • Hired and built an A-team of achievers (6 FTEs)

  • Subject matter expert, spokesperson on tech entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Authored white papers and articles in the area of Digital economy, Space economy in the UAE

Manager of Clients & Markets, Innovation Practice

Deloitte (CIS, Middle East member firms)

  • Delivered projects for oil & gas, mining clients focus on logistics and transportation strategy, procurement and financial controls

  • Established firm’s Innovation practice (4 FTEs)

  • Developed business growth strategies for Public Sector and Healthcare divisions (3 FTEs)

  • Managed industry research team to deliver annual regional market analysis and feasibility studies


  • Designed and delivered 10+ career development programs for organizations and individuals. Among career coaching clients - c-suite executives in the sectors of retail, petrochemicals, cyber security, professional services, and technology.

  • Authored 30+ articles on subject of performance management, strategy and execution


Natalia is a Fulbright Fellow and the author of research and publications in the fields of international trade and energy. Her research papers and those with her contribution include: 


  • The Rise Of The Space Economy (And The Opportunities It Presents For the UAE) (2020)

  • The journey to government’s digital transformation (2015)

  • The EU Energy Polygon: a Balanced and Sustainable Game, or not? (2012)

  • US Trade Deficit Review (2010)

  • "Growth and Opportunities" of the US Trade Policy toward Sub-Saharan Africa (2010)

  • Libya Sanctions Act 1996: "Politically Reasonable Choice" or Global Error of the USA? (2009)

  • Discussion Process of the Fast-Track Trade Authority in the USA (2009)


  • Master’s in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis International Business School, USA, 2013 

  • Master’s in World History from Tomsk State University, Russia, 2011

  • Bachelor's in History from Tomsk State University, Russia, 2009

Functional Expertise

  • Corporate Strategy 

  • Organizational Change 

  • A-Team Building 

  • Customer Experience 

  • Entrepreneurship & Tech

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