Individual Coaching

What I love about executive coaching is the thrill of the intelligence challenge we embark on together with a client. One of the most reputable psychologists of the XX century once said, in executive coaching only people with light speed thinking will thrive. I tend to agree, this is not an area where one could withdraw with a list of questions mixed with smart pauses, it is an active dialogue and discovery. 

I am also a strong believer in continuous life-long education, but not continuous coaching.

Three principles I’ve defined for myself, and those can’t be compromised:

  • Mutual accountability - the purpose of the first intro meeting, irrespective of previously received genuine and warm recommendations - we perform a values check. One of the important differentiators between business consulting and coaching. If there is mutual accountability established it is easy to formulate a specific ask, or challenge, that can be addressed not in an uncertain future yet in the very nearest one.

  • Independence of a coach - when we speak of coaching business executives and managers of large businesses - a coach must first and foremost be independent, not a hired employee (I know a number of brilliant coaches who support business transformation on a long-term contract working with a director / sr. manager level, however this can’t be applied to the C-suit). 

  • Client’s ownership of the success. Coach ownership includes the way sessions are structured and the collaboration path to result is shaped, whilst the successes of a client - belongs to the client himself (herself).


What to expect from hiring a management psychology coach: you have a specific objective, operating in a specific context. The objective is related to your self-awareness and your own performance. We work together toward achieving the formulated objective.

IMPORTANT - be clear about whose service you avail to achieve a specific result.

Consultant - a person who knows the industry trends, companies' benchmarks and KPIs, who has dealt with similar situations happening on a cross-industry basis.

Mentor - a person who previously experienced the same pathway, faced similar challenges, has been or is currently in the position you would like to in.

Coach - a person who is helping your innate intelligence to come out, bringing the best of you, where that best is your internal capabilities of managing various situations, your team and yourself. 

Coaching arrangement: our work starts with an introductory 30-min session. Based on the effectiveness of the introductory session a client and a coach make a mutual decision on coaching engagement further. The consultations are performed remotely or at Natalia's office (when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted)