Wheel of motivation and its four gears

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

What keeps you going? How makes you motivated?

We all have this wheel, and it has four gears to ensure a smooth journey.

Gear 1 - I learn (my case - about business, policy, governance, family, psychology, languages, health, nutrition, architecture, travel…...)

Gear 2 - I do (using the knowledge I've learnt)

Gear 3 - I meditate and pray (for clarity of mind)

Gear 4 - I do nothing (for clarity of mind as well)

All four - be surprised - are EQUALLY important. If/when I get off the wheel - I feel lack of motivation, I feel doubt, I start getting absorbed by one dimension of the complex life.

What else impacts your motivation and how it is correlated with the level of anxiety? Read the article "5 instruments to tackle anxiety and bring back the motivation"

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