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when feeling pressure in a business conversation

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Sometimes people intentionally and not might confuse you, try to get you intimated or confused in order to rush with a reaction or decision. I reiterate sometimes it is not an intention per se rather the way conversation is structured and run, sometimes you yourself are the cause being on a given day as they say “all over the place”, and not focused.

Don’t try to outsmart yourself, outrun a counterparty if you are sensing situation like this. On the opposite, slow yourself down, slow things down.

Two powerful sentences to respond with:

  • “To answer this question I would need more information about..”. Often it's worth saying it in your own mind, for yourself, before thinking of a possible response.

  • "I don't know the ultimate answer, what's the best or right in this situation, let’s think together..". You are getting more time for your own thinking process, you are learning faster the intention of your counterparty.

In business, your mind must be sharp (oh how irritated I get in times with unmotivated to think-through slow thinkers when the environment calls for focus and precision), but as a car capable of accelerating fast, driving fast, you need to have a system of controlled slowing down in order to avoid collisions at sharp corners (apologies to automobile connoisseurs and racers for my poor industry language customary for amateur drivers like Natalia).


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