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How building professional network works

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

This is a series of 3 short articles, throughout those we explain the application tracking system, adding value vs nepotism, why do people respond and help when you are a junior and are looking for job placement.

This material will be relevant to early-stage professionals and hiring managers.

The common frustrating question young professionals and fresh grads ask: WHY a person working in the company will bother to respond and help me?

We all deep inside by our nature want to be nice, we want to help others. For reasons of being selfless (“It just feels good!”) or to validate our own importance (and a mix of both). Neither of the reasons is good or bad.

  • Some people are just bored and interaction with people outside gives them a sense of novelty.

  • Some people by default are very curious and like to connect with others irrespectively whether they themselves can be helpful or not. They are wired to connect.

  • (!) Many people who are professionals and deeply caring for the business - they understand the value of the contact and talent for the future of their business. And this is the best group of people to interact with. If an employee believes in his company, he inadvertently looks to support its growth (beyond his or her immediate duties) meaning - bringing the best people, will help to generate the best products and services that lead to greater client satisfaction and direct impact on the bottom line. It is a win-win strategic approach, where everybody wins - the company, employee, a prospective employee. And this person also understands that the quality of resource he or she refers to is the reflection of his professional profile, accordingly he will be very selective yet open.

If you would like to learn how to structure your connection message and how to conduct an introduction meeting (phone / zoom call) - go to Section 2 of Youth Career Guide.


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