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On change and relationship with people

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

All things keep changing only Giza pyramids keep watching that change from afar.

While reading the below you can use words partner, colleague, friend, spouse, child interchangeably - think of yourself, your situation here and now.

A big crime in relationship with other people to commit - a cocktail of ignorance and arrogance - when we assume we know a person completely, once and for good (a shocking discovery for some young adults is when they suddenly realize that parents are also changing. Because it is a comforting thing to think parents are the stronghold of stability and consistency. You become an adult and you realize your parents have been changing!). The reality is we barely know the image, i.e. kaleidoscope of perceptions of a person in our head based on our previous life experiences. At any given moment of time we have.. a glimpse of a person, his or her nature, capabilities. Therefore alignment today doesn’t ensure the same in the future. The divide or gap between your values and another person’s values might be devastatingly wide or on the opposite beautifully narrow.

A big courage in relationship is to acknowledge that another person will change and evolve (forward or backward - again the directional movement axe Y or X is purely defined by our image of the world, our “good” and “bad”). And so do we.

We must protect our right for change, teach children to understand this right and exercise toward both themselves and people around.



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