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Fasting for productivity, clarity, and health (personal experience)

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Any spiritual inclination or mental aspiration we have - ought to face restriction in order to be materialized in the physical world. Axiom.

Three lessons learnt during my 30-day fasting journey (and those I am taking with me to other areas of my life):

1. Have a purpose of the experience. And this purpose ought to be existential. It must be big and important for you to not doubt the journey even for a second (and yes on a half-humorous note the biggest mystery for me now - why open restaurants or people consuming food or drink in front of me could possibly challenge my decision or commitment)

2. Prepare, prepare, and prepare. You ought to prepare - for me it was about both studying (reading, watching) volumes of information by professionals coming from very different (and often contradicting) schools of thought. And was talking to people within my near circle about their experiences and asking them for pieces of advice and recommendation. So I got maximum theoretical preparation.

3. Surrender. Learn compassion... To yourself. This is the experience of when no day to be alike. And you can neither control nor predict the way you would feel the next day (you can have the very same routine the night before - and have a completely different level of energy than you expected). This specific aspect made fasting a roller coaster of self-compassion and surrender for me personally.

With a few days post-Eid now (worth to note it was easier to start than to transition back to normal hours and routine, the best way to describe that transition back is Dubai-Boston-Frankfurt-Singapore-Dubai jet lagging) I could say that it has been one of the most rewarding and special times, a beautiful discovery of greater appreciation to people, what value they bring to your life and what you can give them, those within your family and strangers life brings on your path.



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