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How to survive quarantine 2020

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

If you want to be well during quarantine

1. Treat it just as you treat your professional life. It was back in school and university when parents and professors were telling you what to do (and in reality some real grownups even at work are still waiting for managers to tell them what to do). In quarantine - there is no one to tell you what to do. You are in charge of your planning, activities and consequently actions. We think people are being imposed with the waiting game by authorities now. There is plenty of people treating entire life, including professional one as a waiting game, until a promotion due to years in the grade or retirement due to age. Waiting is a choice and not an imposed thing. Quarantine is a test for many of us on how well you can manage our own selves.

2. Suddenly we all (excluding emergency, Healthcare, delivery services and food supply chain) are slowing down. And there is nearly no way to get ahead except focusing of delivering maximum value to people (customers, neighbours, family) at capacity we have today. The maximum value of limited capacity by many people - that is a lot of value we are talking about. Don't worry about getting ahead of the game, competition, we live through an unprecedented time of focusing on value.

3. Finding a purpose in the routine of quarantine. Even when there is no physical restrictions on physical movement, and we are free to move companies, countries and lifestyles. Many of us still don't have a purpose. Recall when you got your first job and the butterflies were flying in your stomach and after year two many asked - oh that's it? Oh So am I going to do this thing over and over again for decades? Finding your purpose wherever you are with a scarcest of resources ultimately defines who you are when all means and options available to you.



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