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Do you sleep well these days?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Do you sleep well these days? Do you dream? Dream of what?

We are going through the time of many illusions, impressions and doubtful information - most of which is actually generated by our own mind not trained enough to do the system thinking.

Because at school we are schooled to get to the right answers to pass exams (because the teacher knows the right answer), at work.. well many do tasks and projects because being asked, because being given how, because "it" is expected (because the boss knows the right answer). Neither is bad, nothing is a crime but we (at least my generation and those older) have never had much room for complex thinking ("industrialist-imperialist-capitalistic world, ah!" One would explain and use as an excuse). And suddenly we are facing a situation when no right answer is written in anyone’s book, no cheating, just you and plasticity of your mind.

No excuses Damen und Herren.

Think, analyze, step back, then go deep to a granular level, then draw, and always have the humility to acknowledge that you might be mistaken.

And then do this again. And that's your brain muscle exercise.

Stay healthy, stay mentally fit, sleep, sleep enough.


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