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About luxury

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The greatest desire of any person is to be accepted, embraced with his or her bright and dark sides, without pressure and expectations to be changed. It doesn’t mean he denies the very possibility of change but not because of other’s expectations no matter how dear or close they are to him. And that’s a luxury of all times.

How would you define luxury?

1. A material one, of our liking, and level of imagination, that translates to us a feeling of uniqueness of a given moment when it is experienced.

2. Time of initiating and completing the process. Allowing ourselves to take time, be in the process, not in rush.

3. Releasing a person from our expectations of what is right, as much as liberating ourselves from others’ expectations - the hardest kind of all - can hardly be purchased for all the wealth in the world.

Treat yourself with the luxury of your liking. Have a joy.



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