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Executive and Career Coaching

For business professionals to excel and grow


management coach

Synonymously known for her innovative take on business management solutions design, and her impeccable track record in conceptualizing products and services for large multinational corporates and up and coming startups.

business Practitioner

She is a profound believer in the application of meritocracy in the workplace. In her online blog, Natalia helps individuals and companies navigate through the volatile business conditions that face us today safely and successfully.

author and Researcher

A Fulbright Fellow, Natalia is an academic at heart. She then spent more than a decade conducting research and teaching local, national and multinational corporations the importance of policy advocacy and decision making in multilateral agreements.


Natalia is continuously giving back, having helped hundreds of young professionals in getting clarity and direction in their career paths through the industry, leadership mentorship and job placement.

let's invest in becoming better leaders today


What people say about Natalia as a coach

“Natalia is a really experienced career consultant. In the span of two sessions she really helped me not just evaluate the job offers I’ve received, but also to understand how to evaluate my career options objectively and what exactly am I looking for in my job”.

- Technology executive of a multinational corporation

“If I have to think and decide something about my professional career again - definity will consult with Natalia again. I know she will do her best to understand me as a person and will give the most professional evaluation of all the options. I trust her professional evaluations”

- Creative professional, business owner

"Natalia is an excellent professional. It is a great pleasure to work with her, all her suggestions and comments and extremely valuable. I am more than grateful for her support and I definitely recommend her as a professional coach to everyone!"

- Banking executive with NGO experience

"Simply out Natalia is the best consultant I have worked with since a long time, her long global experience and friendly personality are remarkable! Will continue working with her happily.."

- Oil & Gas executive with consulting experience

Natalia was a very talented and a professional strategic partner who had many brilliant ideas. She took care to keep herself updated on latest trends and was very well researched in the areas we spoke about. Her communication is top notch and she takes extra effort to share information. She has good attention to detail and her execution was impeccable too. I look forward to working with her again.

- Product development executive

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