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Meet Natalia

Natalia is an international management psychology coach, a prolific author and researcher in the area of business psychology, leadership, team management, and organizational change.

Her comprehensive practical knowledge of the corporate world comes from both - individual coaching work with her clients from various markets along with a decade of management consulting experience with a focus on economic strategy, public policy and international trade. She is also known for her organization management credentials having served in leadership positions, establishing and running successful business units of both private and public sector organizations.


Some common questions of the clients are being answered in Natalia's blog. There are three types of blog posts: principles (exploring the key principles of management and business leadership), managerial instructions (examples of sessions, individual and team practices that can be used, replicated by the managers in their work), personal (Natalia's elaborations on industry disruptions, lessons from history and macroeconomic developments).


To learn more about Natalia's approach to executive coaching and how she works with her clients - go to section "Coaching".

Meet Natalia

I have always considered myself one very lucky individual.


With a Russian soul which tends to suffer and actively look for a subject of misery, I have managed to carry the sense of gratitude and appreciation throughout my life. My work is one of the subjects of gratitude.


Today I wear multiple hats, just like many of us do. This is not a post-Covid reality, it is the reality we’ve rolled into at the wake of the internet revolution.


Our career path suddenly stopped being deemed as linear, we received unlimited access to knowledge, mentors, and opportunities.


I wish you all to love what you do the way I enjoy mine. 


Manager's individual performance, team performance, operational efficiencies as part of the organization's adaptive strategy, and independent system thinking. Onboarding...
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